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tv   [untitled]    August 24, 2013 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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week to schedule a code enforcement hearing. >> i was thinking of something a little bit before that, abatement appeal board. for example this morning's case when the first nov was issued one 1 year and it took 3 years before it went to director's hearing. before it comes to us, it has to go to director's hearing. part of that, kind of like this view of how long does it take, how many nov's are held for a year, 2 years, before it even gets to direct hearing? >> we'll try to get those statistics for you. a lot of these cases as you well know, once it goes to planning, it can be years in the process. a lot of nov will be complied in
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within 15-60 days. violations can take 3 years. we are well aware of that. it's up to code enforcement. they review all the notices of violations that are up in code enforcement. they are picking up the notices of violation that they feel should come up to directors hearing. that's how they prioritize it. they look at them and see which one is the most pertinent to bring up to a hearing. anyone want to comment on that? >> when presenting numbers, it's a huge challenge to try and take any particular criteria, how do you present it because would it take for instance the director's hearing there. those numbers reflect four hearings a month,
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particular exact addresses that appear on each of those 4 days for that month. but, even within those numbers, you take a particular case at the start of the month, it would show up in the first director hearing for that month as scheduled, but if it was continued for 3 weeks and a month, that same case would show up at the end of the month as a continued case and it might finish up with an order of abatement. so whenever you look at the numbers, like you kind of have to get your head around that the numbers, you are not looking at the same address each time. in some cases you are looking at a case that came onto the system over a period of the month. it could be, get
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a first notice of violation and by the end of the month, a permit is issued and signed off and closed. in another situation you can have a particular case, a new complaint opened at the start of the month, it might get a first and second notice because it was a life safety issue and it's up to a code enforcement for hearing. the challenge every time is, you know, are you looking at fixed numbers on a particular day, are you looking at fixed addresses. so there is always this big struggle. like the numbers you gave earlier, it gave a large number over 10-year period. so, how can we best present numbers that kind of makes sense to you, that's
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the big challenge. >> i guess what i'm looking for is movement. so to me, it's possible especially if we kick something to planning that it's on them. i think the frustrations that i have heard from both tenants who issue complaints and landlords is they should know where is the movement? so if it comes to us, if we issue an nov, then i feel like we need to move on it whether it's movement towards resolution or movement up further to, you know, to director's hearing or whatever. because that's been kind of the frustration from whether it's a building owner with violations or whether it's a tenant who complained and then our housing division issued a violation. is that they didn't get the sense
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that there is movement. so sometimes there is not just the time, but as long as they feel it's moving, then, it's less of a mystery or stress about it. >> two things that have happened in that front over the last few months. dan has instructed that we assign one inspector in full time and code enforcements cleaning up the abatement language for a while and maybe in a position to close the case. but it brought us the sign -- we want to spend full time doing that and over the last few months where the abatement was issued and the case could have been closed but we weren't aware because it wasn't brought to our attention. the other thing that has happened is our staff has
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been increased in code enforcement. the number of guidance dealing with complaints in the third floor have gone from 1-2. what's happening now is cases that are getting a second order have come to us quicker. we get a staff received for healing. over the next few months when this report continues, you are going to see cases going from first to second quicker, going to hearings quicker and issued quicker and having the $52 fear where property owners when they realize they are going to pay an on going fee every month, they are going to resolve their cases quicker. cases go from start to finish at a quicker cycle. i think tenant direction has initiated a lot of these and you are going to see a shorter cycle from beginning to
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end. >> it kind of talks back to where the commissioner lead the data because i'm with you, now that we have this data, we might be able to see that movement that we are talking about. >> of course we have old cases. they are just like the cases you heard this morning. they are very difficult. you have one owner and you have a tenant, they don't have access, there is eviction and they might have to do this work, there is death in the family, there is sickness and a lot of problems we have to deal with all the time. we use our direction is. a -- discretion. we get compliant but it takes time. when they have hardship involved we want to work with them. we don't just want to crucify them. >> we are going to have to be smarter in how we approach these nov's and start
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categorizing them as we understand them as those types of situations where you can't move them period. i think this is where this is going. the conversation is going to continue. thank you deputy director for bringing that and acting director for putting that together. we look forward to seeing that on a regular basis. >> we look forward to putting that in the data that you need. >> thank you. >> any public comment on items or the director's report 12 a through 12 b? seeing none, item 13, commissioner questions and matters. at this time commissioners may make inquire easy to staff regarding documents, policies and practices and procedures which are of interest. >> mr. chairman, i wonder if there is any particular celebration of miss levine's
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leaving us and if we'll be invited to the celebration? >> i will let you all know. >> you are mind reading today. >> good morning, i'm gail rebels. i'm the acting financing manager. you will get an invitation. there is an e-mail going out today. >> item 13 b future meetings and agendas. at this time the commission may discuss to set action on a meeting and decide to place items on the agenda of those meetings. as was mentioned earlier, our next regular meeting is on september 18th. however we are having
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special meetings on september 5, 9:00 a.m.. >> i just want to reinforce all of our commissioners will be available on those dates oovment one of >> one of the dates, our commissioner cannot make the 10th. >> do we have the hours set? >> yes. we have the room basically for up to 3 hours. but we are assuming the meeting will take about 2. >> it starts at 9? >> the september 5th is 9:00 a.m. and september 10th, 1:00 p.m.. >> we are still working out the details on the location. >> the location is in this room. >> we'll open the meeting there.
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>> okay. thank you. >> is there any public comments on items 13 a and b? >> seeing none. item 14. review and approval of the minutes of the regular meeting of may 15, 2013. is there a motion to approve? >> so moved. >> second. >> motion was commissioner mar, who did the second? commissioner clinch. thank you. all commissioners in favor? >> aye. >> any opposed? any public comment? seeing none, the minutes of may 15th, are approved. i would like to request to please continue item 15 at our next regular meeting on september 18th? and then the next last item is item 16,
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adjournment. is there a motion to adjourn? >> so moved. >> second? >> second. >> are all commissioners in favor? >> aye. >> any opposed? we are adjourned. it is 1:35 p.m.. >> thank you. >> >> >> >>
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>> say the pledge of allegia e allegiance. of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. mr. vice president i'd like to call roll please. (calling names) and also, we have a quorum and a also the chief of police gregory
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p, sir. good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the wednesday of the san francisco police commission. thank you for joining us this evening. let's call the consent calendar >> receive and file action request and receive a ticket valued at the $244 for mr. kevin president of the verses cast for the youth engage program. and the request to be received if mr. norman new zealand resident arrest for presentation for the avoidance in locating a laptop
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>> the 7 tickets are to go to the kids in the tenderloin and the $50 certificate was for a great deal officer. >> move to accept. >> okay. i'll move to accept. motion made by commissioner khan. public comment on the consent calendar items. hearing no public comment. all in favor of accepting the it items listed under the consent calendar say i. all opposed? any extension. those items are accepted by unanimous consented.
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>> the public is well, to talk about the subject matter of the commission. they shall address the commission as a whole and not individually. under police commission rules of order the police nor commissioners are required to respond to questions presented by public. individual commissioners and police and occ personnel shall refrain from entering into discussion >> ladies and gentlemen the microphone is open for public comment. do we have any public comment? yes, ma'am >> thank you, commissioners. he's the cute it guy in the
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room. i'm coming to bear and bring again glad tidings. i want to contend the police department on the up your alley and it was handled and you did receive the accomodation. she is a force to be recognized with. she might be about that tall but with her command voice of here's to herd pedestrians onto the sidewalk. she was able to get the fair participants and the merchants to pack up and move out. i've never seen my neighborhood get returned to itself as quickly as sergeant frazer was able to do that.
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i couldn't find a port a potty on the sidewalk. i also said she had a situation arise which she handled quite well. there were a couple of nudity people who engaged in public activity. she told them they're not allowed and they got irate. well, she's by herself. likely someone from so-called security. came and excelled those guys from the fair and their band for life. as things turned out i saw loose o lots of folks. everyone was very well-behaved.
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i want to thank you. that was the right number of officers and if those jerks filed a complaint against sergeant frazer you've got my accomodation. when i went to the gay pride fair. not having barriers around where people were dancing was good. and i think about a propriety for tenants who are harassed by folks. i'm having to find another place to live. i'd do it again >> thank you. any further public comment?
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>> good afternoon, commissioners. i'm betty actually man a retired san francisco school district teacher. i a hate to put a damper on anyone but i have to say this. i moved into a new apartment building 701 golden gate avenue. on franklin and golden gate. since i've been there since march 1st i've been raped in my sleep over 20 times. i've acquired henry he's viruses i've been stalked and trespassers have come into my
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place. i've been hit with some type of concealed weapon. i've been stalked by cabs and trucks and cars. they honk horns and some of them walk faster or try to hit me. everywhere i go noise abounds and people have high conversations. i have people turn their backs on me in unity. they stare at me and start reading books and emit some kind of substance from their body that tries to hurt me. i've been cyclely represented in my that apartment building. it seems like nobody wants to deal with that. i've called the police several
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times and that's been down. i've had to go to occ. now i do nothing but try to live my life. i found out i'm a target. however, this target is not going away. i'm devanilla protected by god and he's the one that says whatever's going to happen if he wants me to go away or die. i need help. i've written countless letters to countless organizations and they do little you things. oh, you need a microwaive oh, i see this - i need the people to stop coming in and raping me. i found out they're trying to
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kill me as i sleep while i'm in the remedying period. but i need help. i need help >> thank you, ms. tillman. >> any other public comment? >> all right. seeing e seeing none, public comment is closed. >> listen item 3 a the chiefs discussion updating the police commission recognize. >> grand jury before i go into our right activities i want to speak about a circumstance that occurred 7 years ago. last week we heard ms. paula brown more times then i can
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count. i see her at the hall of justice and i don't want the public to think that the department has been less than cooperative. we had a homicide 7 years ago so i've invited our investigation buyer to give you a brief update and to make again, a very public plea for any information that would move this case along. >> good evening inspector. >> good evening. my name is is hector i'm the commander of chief investigations. i'm here to talk about the update. as the which kind of mentioned 7
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years ago today a 17 people was shot in the intersection of barkers street >> can we just stop you and acknowledge his mom ms. brown just joined us. >> some witnesses were at the scene and provided the officers with a partial description pr there were a bunch of people at the scene. he was trapped to the hospital where he died. the investigators were the first assigned. they met with ms. brown and interviewed approximately 21 witnesses within a few days. the witness we spoke with counsel identify the suspects. the two investigators canvassed
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the neighborhood and ms. brown organized vigils and marks to try to keep this in the public's eye' d for additional witnesses. the ballistics were identified and all were met with negative results. investigator mahoney will continue to work with the narcotics officers and other investigator units. investigators obtained a reward for information. they kept ms. brown updated and provided her with avoidance. paulette brown has met with the city leaders and chief of police and leaders as well myself and other members of the police department to keep the case moving forward. ms. brown understands that this
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may be difficult. she has maintained the case in the public eye. several broadcasts have been remembering the public of the reward and no tips. ms. brown came forward and presented a list even if names. she requested updates on the case and we provided those updates. we met with her and inspector jones has continued to meet with her and i have met with her in the past. we tried to do the best we can to follow-up and she understandss we're trying to do the best we can. investigator john miller has the case she met with him today.
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we did another announcement to put the case in the medias eye in an effort to get witnesses to come forward. we continue to follow up on this case. the homicide cases have no statute of limitations. we also follow-up on those cases and try to develop leads wherever we here with the suspects were arrested we try to get more information. when witnesses we're aware of we're willing to ask them if they're willing to coordinate with the investigation. my make myself available and many if you, too to keep this case in the publics eye to try to develop information.


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